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How does one use the word Kafkaesque without sounding like a smug asshole?

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Damian Marley - Patience

Really listen ❤️

I frolicked around the Caribbean to this song. Super nostalgic ❤️

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ana sender

Bailaoras. Nuevo pattern. Nianunia.

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Photographer & Artist:

Leslie Ann O’Dell


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acid candy pop victorian

We have tons of these kinda houses in my town and the are just really awesome, the houses are actually classified as “Painted Ladies” and the are probably some of the best examples of Asymmetrical, non linear architecture ever created and I really wanna own one when I am settled down >.<   

the american flag above the door is a bit too much but the rest is insanely beautiful

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" The universe is made up of experiences that are designed to burn out your attachment, your clinging, to pleasure, to pain, to fear to all of it. And as long as there is a place where your vulnerable, the universe will find a way to confront you with it. "


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" To get really high is to forget yourself- and to forget yourself is to see everything else- and to see everything else is to become an understanding molecule in evolution, a conscious tool of the universe. And I think every human being should be a conscious tool of the universe. That’s why I think it’s important to get high. "

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50 favorite artists!

#32 Lucian Freud

Small Naked Portrait, 1974.

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Mutter Mit Tochter - Cuno Amiet  1913

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Debut single by Amercan 60s cult garage rockers THE SEEDS… 

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